In saner climes lawmakers ride in trains, public buses with other citizens. There was even a video of Boris Johnson riding a bicycle to and from a supermarket.


Honorable Femi Gbajabiamila stopped over to greet some people who he regarded as friends and termed friendly exchange, but soon, the friendly exchange immediately become an obstruction at the same point. Whereby his security clientele started shooting in the air to disperse them but unfortunately someone; a certain Ifeanyi was shot and killed in the process  Hon. Femi gave his speech of regrets and condolences but trust Nigerians to react. Here are some reactions to o his thread.

It is not a coincidence that this happened a month after the Lekki incidence. It shows that whether they shot in the air or not, it is wrong to disperse a crowd with bullets (metal or plastic). It also proves that shooting in the air doesn't prevent bullets from hitting people. Live rounds shot into a public space to "disperse". This is a micro-sample of the #LekkiTollGateMassacre event. Criminal acts - violations of right to life and right to movement. Worse is the fact that the "protectors of the constitution" are the violators. "Unfortunate" indeed.

People gathered to o hear from you at a familiar territory, yet the only thing you guys could do was to start shooting, you couldn't even give them a listening ear, where did we go wrong in this country? I thought you were different. So in this country, it is a crime for the people to get close to their leader? I surely believe this people were not armed....And to think that you were riding in a bullet proof car, shows you just don't value any Nigerian lifes.

You didn't provide jobs so ifeanyi decided to sell newspaper in order to survive, you collect monthly hardship allowance in order to dish out hardship to ifeanyi, you collect newspaper allowance and ifeanyi decided to provide some service to survive, but you still found and murdered him, that's gross injustice and no such claim will go unpunished, keep that at heart.

In saner climes lawmakers ride in trains, public buses with other citizens. There was even a video of Boris Johnson, David Cameron riding a bicycle to and from a supermarket. Here, we borrow money from the West, to be paid by citizens and still get killed, here we borrowed money to buy bulletproof card for our lawmakers and still get killed..Sad.

Those live rounds allegedly shot into the air wouldn't end up in space. If our politicians and law enforcement don't know that those bullets will return to the ground then we're in trouble abi na for only naija gravity no dey work?. You are in the position to correct this problem that has been happening , Nigeria love you sir because are quite different and we believe in you to do the needful it is unprofessional to shot at unarmed crowd. Security agents should be trained on how to disperse a crowd without shooting. What's this nonsense? Every day, people die because of carelessness on the part of the government and their security men. It's so irritating. That's a life taken. He had a family. He had dreams too.

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