This new HAUWEI technology launched on Monday challenged the apple technological status quo


The Huawei Mate X2, launched on Monday at an event in China, is Huawei's third foldable phone, after the Mate X and Mate Xs. Unlike those phones, the Mate X2 folds inwards, like a book (or Samsung's Galaxy Fold). The Mate X2 has a flexible inner display that measures 8 inches diagonally, and an outer, 6.45-inch display. Both displays are OLEDs, both have a refresh rate of 90Hz, and both have a very high resolution: 2,480x2,200 pixels for the inner display, and 2,700x1,600 pixels for the outer one. 

Apple may be late to the foldable phone game, but the company apparently hasn't given up on the concept. According to Taiwanese outlet Economic Daily News (via MacRumors), two different foldable phone prototypes have passed internal durability tests at the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. The report claims that one of the devices is a vertically-folding phone, similar to Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip. The other is a dual-screen phone with two displays connected by a hinge.  

It's very interesting how science and technology have broadened our scope and horizon, in recent times, it has delife gravity, challenged normal norms and changed and bend rules in more ways than other, It will be interesting to see the  functionalities of this mighty gadget, with a inner and a outer display, with both display OLEDs, the refresh rate, resolution, pixel and displays are crazy.

A dive into a Chinese product of such quality wouldn't be a bad idea for technology lovers, even iPhone users who have sworn an allegiance to the apple brand will be tempted if was given a try.

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