Beyoncé decline a performance at the Grammy, one of the biggest flash point of this year’s event

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The head of the Recording Academy talked about @Beyonce's decision not to perform at the Grammys. Beyoncé, who’s up for record of the year and song of the year with “Black Parade,” isn’t on the bill for Sunday’s show — the 3rd time in recent history that the year’s most-nominated act has opted not to perform, “It’s unfortunate, because she’s such a big part of the Recording Academy,” Recording Academy exec Harvey Mason said of her decision. “We absolutely wish we had her onstage.”Asked whether a viewer might reasonably think it strange that Beyoncé isn’t there, Ben Winston, who’s overseeing the Grammys, paused and said, “They might” We have an idea why he might have paused 

But, going back memory lane, they snubbed her for album of the year when she made the biggest most impactful album that year...why should she perform for them, Now, they need her more than she needs them and she is paying them back just it equaivalent, the academy comes out with an unnecessarily long explanations...and it spent the least amount of time on *the* number one obvious answer. Sure, blame COVID, but playing dumb is like playing the victim, but to Queen B. she’s not performing. It’s not only about entertainment, it’s about respect. 

But do we think her action is strange? Not really, we can only just assume she wanted 5 wins if they wanted her to perform, she's done that before and the Grammys' PR team thought that trying to play passive aggressive bullies was the way to get @Beyonce to perform. Now, it's better to leave Mrs. Carter alone or the #BeyHive might come after them.

It's about time the @RecordingAcad understand it's the artist that make their show now their plastic award.  Start awarding artist on merit and not their secret backroom committee's picking who they think should win. The main members of the Recording Academy that vote for the Grammys have always been old white men, who were radio programmers, producers, A&R, etc. That's why they are so often wrong. Beyonce had THE best album of the year. PERIOD. Some might not be watching the award because she was snubbed.

We asked again why would she perform for the Grammys. The Grammys effed her over three times. Sorry, but you gave Beck album of the year..such decisions look more like an institutional and systemic racism. I mean, Who cares about the Grammys, every year the Grammy people find ways to mention Fraudonce's name, whether it be through past promo videos or the host intro's have her name mentioned, it's exhausting and that is why the event is getting less popular, a lot of music fans have stopped watching the Grammys because of inappropriate nominations.

I mean who cares about the show anymore? These people are spoiled billionaires. We haven’t watched award shows since Streep spouted off-friend of Weinstein/Hollywood pedo/metoo sometimes/private jets/walls for me, not for them. 

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